50 Panasonic projectors provided breathtaking experience through projection mapping to 700 000 visitors in Budapest

The most important event of the year in Budapest took place on August 20, and spectacular celebrations were broadcast on national television.

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Client: Centrum Production

Location: Budapest, Hungary

Product(s) supplied: PT-RQ50K PT-RQ35K Projection mapping with 50 laser projectors in Hungary


The challenge in this project was to design an impressive projection mapping on the most important buildings in Budapest, Parliament building and Buda Castle.


50 pieces of Panasonic projectors were used to ensure a complete projection.

"We’ve done projections for other national celebrations before, but this was the most spectacular. We tell the whole story, of how Hungary emerged from darkness into the light of the nation’s foundation in the year 1,000, through projection mapping."

The most important event of the year

The 20th of August is the most important national holiday in Hungary, celebrating the founding of the state. As part of the monumental event, the largest art event was held. Fireworks, light show, drone show and projection mapping on the most important buildings in Budapest,Parliament and Buda Castle.


Challenging project

It took almost two years to prepare and create the projection mapping and the talented team included 6 animation teams and 17 visual artists. The complete production area was 4,3 km and200 km of electric wiring has been used.

"Our production finally came alive - a production we have been living with in the last two years, a job we shared every moment of our lives with. This was the first time when so many different artists from all backgrounds could come together and create something new on such a grand scale,“ says Daniel Besnyő of Centrum Production.


Technical solution

40 projectors ensured the 3D video mapping on the Parliament building:

15 pieces of PT-RZ31K with 7,3 - 18,8:1 lens + 25 pieces of PT-RQ35K with 4,6 - 7,4:1 lens

10 projectors have been used on the Buda castle:

6 pieces of PT-RZ31K standard lenses +4 pieces ofPT-RQ50K standard lenses

Video mapping projection from a distance of 250 meters has been provided by 50 Panasonic projectors.

Why Panasonic projectors?

"It was clear to us from the first moment that we wanted to project the Parliament with Panasonic projectors. We have been following the development of Panasonic in recent years, mainly in the field of laser projectors, which have far more spectacular contrast and brightness than other similar high-performance projectors on the market.

The size of the projectors was also an important aspect during the design process, which is why we chose Panasonic.

The energy consumption was also one of the crucial features which we have considered, as the electrical settings of the projectors had to be solved from an aggregator at the event site. It was very important aspect how much power would be needed during the project.

Reliability and image quality were only available on Panasonic projectors with this amount of special long optics. This also makes it clear that rental companies also like to work with these projectors," says Daniel Besnyő.

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