Face Recognition Solutions

Technology for assessing the quality of face information to be registered

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Our Strengths

Panasonic‘s Facial Recognition technology has achieved the world's highest level* performance 

*in the NIST competition (IJB-A)

Automatic assessment

  • Technology for assessing the quality of face information to be registered (target data to be compared)
  • Eliminates face image registration with a funny face to further improve the Facial Recognition accuracy.
  • Supports situations where smartphone apps, etc. are used to register face information.

Various face information to be matched

  • Various types of face images assumed to be captured in actual situations can be used for face information to be matched for Recognition.
  • Highly accurate face matching has been achieved compared to other companies when applied to images of faces that have aged, that are at an angle, that are occluded by accessories, etc.
  • Support for various camera positions, workload reduction measures to prepare for face matching, and prevention of camouflage including anti-spoofing.

Security technology

  • Data derived from features through Facial Recognition are stored on a cloud server and safely managed through Panasonic’s strict data security standards.

Information management skills

  • In addition to the technological aspects, there is a hard emphasis placed on complete protection of personal information, which comes from know-how gained through many years of collected knowledge.
  • Panasonic’s position of trust within the security field comes from holding the number one share of surveillance cameras and payment terminals equipped for Facial Recognition in Japan.
  • Company operations can now manage personal data responsibly and with peace of mind by using Facial Recognition.

What is Facial Recognition?

Panasonic’s “Facial Recognition gate”

Our Facial Recognition technology reaches beyond accuracy

Success Stories

Singapore, 29 June 2023 Panasonic Connect Asia announced the showcase of Automated Armoury System held at Singapore Police Force Work Plan Seminar and Exhibition 2023 on 12 and 13 May 2023.

In January 2023, the Project “Supply and Maintenance of Self-Service Armoury KIOSK System” for Ministry of Home Affairs, was awarded to Panasonic Connect Asia and its consolidated company RFNet Technologies Pte. Ltd (hereafter “Panasonic”).