The RL132 high-speed radial THT-insertion machine, with a cycle time of 0.14 s/component, offers outstanding technology in an efficient footprint.

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The RL132 combines functionality and speed with an insertion rate up to 25,700cph (.14s/component), a board processing sizes up to 650 x 381mm, a 33% reduction in PCB transfer time, up to 18% reduction in electrical and air consumption per insertion and an improved parts lifespan for a very low cost of ownership.

This through-hole machine features a 4-pitch span and is configurable with 40 or 80 components inputs. Meanwhile, its dual split carriage enables machine function at exchange mode and parts replenishment during production. The RL132 was designed for a non-stop productivity.

The Lead V cut method enables the RL132 to insert radial lead components at a speed of 0.14s/component. Either a 2-pitch (2.5mm/5.0mm), 3-pitch (2.5mm/5.0mm/7.5mm) or 4-pitch (2.5mm/5.0mm/7.5mm/10.0mm) option can be selected.

The fixed feeder unit method and an out-of-component detection function allow ongoing component replenishment and long-term runs. PCB of 650mm x 381mm can be processed.

Key features

Insertion rate up to 25,700cph (.14s/component)
Exchange mode and parts replenishment during production
Designed for a non-stop productivity
33% reduction in PCB transfer time
Improved parts lifespan for a very low cost of ownership

Specifications table

Model NumberNM-EJR5A NM-EJR6A
PCB dimensions (mm)L 50 x W 50 to L 508 x W 381
Max Speed0.14 s/component
No of components inputNM-EJR5A: 40 NM-EJR6A: 80 (Connection mode), 40 + 40 (Exchange mode)
Applicable componentsPitch 2.5/5.0 mm (standard), 7.5 mm and 10 mm (option), Resistor, Electrolytic capacitor, Ceramic capacitor, LED, Transistor, Filter, Resistor network
PCB exchangeabout 2 s to about 4 s (Room temperature 20 °C)
Insertion direction360°direction by 1°increment
Electric Source3-phase AC 200 V, 3.5 kVA

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