A stronger connection with every customer.

When the future of retail depends on successful new ways to engage customers, we provide the solutions you need to create unique and immersive in-store experiences. 

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A smarter partnership.

Retailtainment. Personalised customer experiences. Effortless convenience. All of these could be critical to your future success. But first, you have to deal with the present. And meeting the twin challenges of rapidly-changing buyer behaviours and digital disruption. Panasonic Connect, however, are experts at adapting to change. We’ll work closely with you, to help you keep ahead of your competitors. From electronic shelf labels to interactive displays, intelligent analytics to proven in-store security, we can help you develop solutions that make the customer experience unforgettable, not just in the future, but today.

Connected solutions for Retail.

When you have a great product to sell, you want to ensure your customers can find it, your staff have all the information they need about it, and it looks the best it can be. Tick all those boxes and more.

Why work with us.

Greater connectivity. It’s vital for anyone seeking a competitive advantage in today’s market conditions. But every retailer is different. So when it comes to choosing the technology, there’s no pre-existing blueprint to follow. That’s why you need a partner who can do more than merely sell you products and instead, be more of a consultant. Who understands what you’re trying to achieve. Will work with the technology you already have. Then tailor solutions specifically for you.

Stories like yours.

Optimisation for Retail.

Our goal at Panasonic Connect is nothing new; it’s still to increase your sales, maximise customer satisfaction and create experiences for them that increase loyalty. Our routes for getting you there, however, are more innovative; Electronic Store Labelling (ESL) for error-free pricing and promotion updates. New analytics software that supports dynamic pricing. Our rapid, secure and contactless delivery solution, Smartlocker, that allows goods to be collected and returned with ease and flexibility. And our Retailtainment solutions that deliver maximum visual impact.

Helping you hit your sustainability targets.

We know you need to keep the individual customer at the forefront, but that you also have to keep the bigger picture in mind. That’s why we help you take your environmental responsibilities seriously. While solutions like our electronic labelling are helping you with the smaller things – like cutting down on paper waste – our partnerships with leading supply chain experts result in efficiencies that mean fewer journeys and less energy use. It’s all part of Panasonic’s GREEN IMPACT initiative, to reduce not only our own CO2 emissions, but those of our customers and society as a whole. When you partner with Panasonic Connect, you partner for tomorrow.