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Locker management solution to automate and enhance user experience, providing a highly secure and safe storage space

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Locker management solution benefits

With the dynamic advancements in Smart Locker technology, Panasonic recognizes that you might have inquiries. Here are some of the key areas and benefits that Panasonic Connect Asia has addressed with our Smart Locker technology.


Users have to stay home at the allotted delivery time to receive the package.


Users can collect their packages at any time and location that is convenient to them. Combined with face recognition, this eliminates PIN or identity card usage. Similarly, PUDO (Pick-Up and Drop-Off) networks offer a local, convenient and secure way to collect a delivery without needing to wait at home.


Staff and Customers will be in close physical contact during food delivery.


Staff and Customers will be able to promptly deliver and receive food deliveries without any close physical contact

Next-gen locker management solution technology

Panasonic offers the latest in state-of-the-art technology with our smart lockers, integrating cutting-edge features and innovations to ensure a seamless and secure user experience. From advanced biometric authentication and real-time tracking capabilities to intuitive user interfaces, our smart lockers represent the pinnacle of modern technology, providing unparalleled convenience, efficiency, and reliability for users across various applications.

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