10-site HD Video Communications System


Affordable multi-point HD Video conferencing system connecting up to 10 sites Dual Network Multi Device Triple Monitor

Key features

Multi-site videoconference with up to 10 locations
Dual Network. Connect via intranet/VPN and Internet simultaneously, inside and outside your company.
Multiple devices supported (PC, Android and iOS) and compatible with other video conference systems
Smooth 2-way conversation with Broadband Stereo Full Duplex Audio and unique Echo Canceller technology
Clear communication signal with high quality video Full-HD 1080/60p

The KX-VC1600 HDVC System can connect up to 10 sites without requiring network equipment. It can connect via intranet/VPN or Internet, thus enabling multi-site videoconferencing with a client or with people in distant locations via mobile devices. The HDVC System incorporates Panasonic's high-quality image and sound technologies cultivated in the development of various AV products over the years.

Panasonic HD Video Communication systems support your businesses need to communicate over long distances and facilitate quick decision making and easy information sharing.

• 10-Site Connection
Standard system comes with 6 site connection, this can be expanded to 10 sites with a licence
• Dual Network
• Participation in videoconferences using mobile devices
• Meetings can be held while displaying images of your site, the other party's site, and PC data each on one of three monitors
• Broadband Stereo Full Duplex Audio
• High quality video Full-HD 1080/60p
• The Rate Control function adjusts data traffic based on network congestion
• Remote Camera Control
• Smooth 2-way conversation with broadband stereo and unique Echo Canceller
• Connect to a sub-camera to share zoom and still images
• Other brand device compatibility and MCU interoperability
• Low Bandwidth Communication Support
• External Control Interface
• Recording Capability
• Wireless Communication
• NAT/FW Traversal

Specifications table

Communication ProtocolSIP, H.323
Video Compression MethodH.261 (mainstream only), H.263, H263+, H.263++ (reception only), H.264 High Profile, H.264 Baseline Profile
Audio Compression MethodG.711 µ-law, A-law (3.4 kHz@64 kbps) G.722 (7.0 kHz@64 kbps) G.722.1 (7.0 kHz@32 kbps) G.722.1 Annex C (14.0 kHz@48 kbps/24 kbps) MPEG-4 AAC-LD Mono (7.0 kHz@32 kbps, 14.0 kHz@64 kbps, 22.0 kHz@96 kbps) MPEG-4 AAC-LD Stereo (14.0 kHz@64 kbps, 22.0 kHz@96 kbps) No. of Channels: G.711/G.722/G.722.1/G.722.1 Annex C: 1 MPEG-4 AAC-LD Mono: 1/MPEG-4 AAC-LD Stereo: 2
Remote Camera ContlorH.224, H.281 (Zoom/Pan/Tilt/Preset)
Dual Stream (Method)H.239 (H.323), BFCP (SIP)
Dual Stream (No. of Displays)2 displays
Dual Stream(Supported Resolution and Frame Rate)Main: Maximum 1080p 30 frames/sec. Sub: 1080p 30 frames/sec.
EncryptionSRTP (AES 128-bit), H.235 (AES 128-bit)