Case Study

Panasonic Projection Gives Expo Visitors a Taste of France

France Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai (October 1, 2021 – March 31, 2022) invited visitors to “rethink progress, create emotional connections, and unleash new ideas to reinvent our world.” Its interior was arranged to communicate the notion of “Light, Enlightenment”, and comprised several interconnected spaces lit up with multi-screen projections that took guests through France’s history of art, science, and world exploration.

Case Study

The Emblematic Casa Batlló recreates Gaudí creative universe using Panasonic Technology

Casa Batlló, one of the best-known architectural works of the modernist architect Antoni Gaudí, which is located in the Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona

Case Study

Panasonic Projection Helps Breathe new life into WA Museum’s Interactive & Immersive Digital Experiences

Bringing everything back to life is exactly what WA Museum was striving to achieve as part of a major refit that included updating the existing Perth building along with a new construction that augmented and complemented the older structure. The overall strategy was to integrate the reality of many exhibits that need protecting, and therefore feel somewhat distanced from the audience, with virtual reality presentations appealing to a younger demographic - bringing everything to life and within reach through projection, touch screen interaction and audio recordings.

Case Study

Immersive projection in the Temple of Brunello, a magical place in the heart of Montalcino

The Temple of Brunello is an immersive and emotional journey that leads the visitor to discover the territory where one of the most famous wines in the world is produced. In the Calix room of the Temple, the exposed stones of the walls become the 'screen' for a videomapping projection obtained with six Panasonic PT-RZ690 equipped with ultra short throw ET-DLE035 optics.

Case Study

Taking a Big Swing at Golf Simulation

Big Swing Golf has pioneered indoor golf centres, but what technology is involved and what do you get for the sizeable investment? With the help of Panasonic laser projectors, Big Swing Golf trades off being the best, providing the most advanced, most realistic golf simulation experience across the country which requires staying ahead of the game with its technology. It relies on high resolution, ultra reliable and easy to install compact laser projectors to help build an immersive experience like no other.

Case Study

Snowy Hydro's Discovery Centre Immersive Visualisation Transformation

Snowy Hydro’s Discovery Centre has recently undertaken a technology transformation. The hero is an immersive theatre, part wraparound cinema and part immersive visualisation space, powered by Panasonic laser projection. The design of the projection setup was intended to maximise the wall and floor real estate — 4 metres from floor to ceiling, and 14 metres wide, along with a large chunk of the floor that abuts the projection wall. The experience takes visitors on a cinematic journey through the Snowy Mountains and the history of the Snowy Hydro Electric Scheme, with behind the scenes views of tunnels, dams and hydro-power stations.

Case Study

Light and sound spectacle at the Roche Tower in Basel

An outstanding event: 45 Panasonic high-performance projectors have transformed the Roche Tower into a unique work of art

Case Study

Projection mapping with 50 laser projectors in Hungary

The most important event of the year in Budapest took place on August 20, and spectacular celebrations were broadcast on national television.

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