For the Retail Specialist

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Multipurpose mobile PC solutions for every retail application

Panasonic TOUGHBOOK takes multifunctional performance to new levels.

Whether on the shop floor and in dining areas, or outdoors and in warehouses, TOUGHBOOK devices are the perfect tools for the retail sector.

The complete range is designed to help retailers deliver the omni-channel customer experience that sets successful businesses apart.

With TOUGHBOOK devices and software, your employees can create an integrated, seamless series of interactions and touchpoints, combining the physical retail world with its digital online counterpart.

Retail companies look to TOUGHBOOK when they require:

  • Access to real-time information
    Providing customers with in-depth product details and maximising upsell opportunities at the point of service.
  • A sturdy but lightweight mobile device
    Ergonomic yet rugged enough to face demanding in-store and warehouse environments.
  • The ability to manage multiple applications from a single device
    Thanks to long battery life, integrated barcode readers, and full use of the Windows OS, among other features.

Faster-than-fast food

There are few environments where the need for instant, efficient and flexible customer service is more critical than in a quick-service restaurant. Whether behind the service desk or on the move between tables, the adaptable and responsive tech with TOUGHBOOK is invaluable.

Supercharged supermarkets

Supporting supermarket operations is no easy task. Offers are constantly changing, products must be meticulously managed and high-quality customer service is paramount. With TOUGHBOOK, your staff will have all the support and information they need in the palm of their hand.

  • Integrate your online presence with your real-world services, with access to real-time updates and information.
  • Boost revenue with assisted selling: informed staff can provide customers with an up-close guide to products and offers, building loyalty and encouraging regular and greater purchases from your brand.
  • Build customer satisfaction with better support for self-scanning and product queries.
  • Enhance your stock management with in-built barcode readers, real-time connectivity, and communication with back-office ordering systems and point-of-sales terminals.

Future-ready retail

Integrating with your digital signage solutions and sales management systems, TOUGHBOOK rugged tablets and handhelds can support every aspect of your business: from delivery taking and inventory management, through to point-of-sale and promotions.

  • Place orders for products that aren’t currently in stock, or pre-order upcoming items with ease.
  • Guide customers through electronic catalogues, with interactive features and in-depth product guides to arm them with the right information to make decisions, leading to larger – and repeated – purchases.
  • Empower your staff to give customers the accurate, instant support they’re looking for – wherever they are in your store.
  • TOUGHBOOK integrated barcode readers, exceptional connectivity and superior battery life mean you can share inventory details in real-time, for more efficient stock management.