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Make your Audience Part of the Action

  • We are living in the Experience Economy and when it comes to Location Based Entertainment we all want to feel part of the action.
  • Research shows people now find more happiness in experiences than possessions, so it’s no wonder that the LBE market is growing rapidly.
  • The ability to truly immerse visitors in an all-encompassing experience will be the difference between success and failure for Location Based Entertainment.

What makes a great immersive experience and how to best use technology to create one?

Designed for Customer Engagement

With our wide range of projection technologies to choose from (3-Chip DLP/1-Chip DLP/3-LCD), you can be sure that we have the right projection solution to impress your audience, whilst still meeting your budget. 
Our best in class colour reproduction ensures your immersive experience stands out from the crowd and our 4K solutions show the finest levels of detail, without any visible pixels, for the most realistic and natural experience. 
Our range of flexible installation options, such as Ultra Short Throw lenses, ensures the hardware stays invisible and the immersive illusion is never broken. Visitors are able to stand up close to the content without ever casting a shadow.  
Our market-leading reliability and power efficiency ensures the show always goes on and operating costs are kept low – maximising your business potential and keeping customer satisfaction high. 

Proven Field Expertise

We are there to support you with highly skilled technical engineers available across all EU countries. Our industry-leading AV design expertise means we are your ideal partner for even the most complex of installations. Our knowledge, combined with our hardware and software capabilities, enables us to integrate mesmerising technologies like 3D, movement tracking and hologram projection to ensure your immersive experience sets you apart from the competition.

Industry Leading Maintenance Options

We understand that high levels of reliability and lower operating costs are essential to the running of your business and that’s why we offer Panasonic remote services. We can avoid unexpected downtime for mission critical installs with remote maintenance monitoring running over the Internet of Things (IOT). By spotting issues before they happen, you can ensure your business avoids unnecessary downtime and increases customer satisfaction levels. 




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