The high-speed printer SPV features an average print cycle time of just 10s for precise SMD-printing, PCB-transfer, recognition and stencil-cleaning.

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The SPV Stencil Printer offers a variety of options to suit different PCBs and production processes for consistent high quality.

With its high 10s/PCB cycle time, the SPV eliminates bottlenecks and ensures quality by self-cleaning after every PCB. Three conveyors and the PCB identification function provide different automatic printing set ups for a high throughput. With the machine-to-machine-communication option the SPV Screen Printer is using APC correction data to correct positional printing errors.

The SPV Stencil Printer can print multiple 350x300mm (M-size) boards simultaneously. This lowers WIP inventory and reduces changeover times by processing up to 4 unique products at once.

The configuration minimizes capital expenditure by reducing printer investment by 50% and maximize the floor space utilization with new hybrid board handling concept and the multi-stage board handling conveyors.

Key features

10s/PCB cycle time
Processing up to 4 unique products at once
Self-cleaning after every PCB
Multi-stage board handling conveyors

Specifications table

Model NumberSPV (Single Spec): NM-EJP7A SPV (1 to 2 Spec): NM-EJP7A SPV (2 in 1 Spec): NM-EJP7A SPV (Dual Spec) NM-EJP7A (Main machine) NM-EJP8A (Back side machine)
PCB dimensions (mm)L 50 x W 50 to L 350 x W 300 (Max. dimensions of 1 to 2 Spec : L 350 x W 165)
PCB exchange10.0 s Including transfer, positioning, recognition, each-time cleaning. Printing & cleaning conditions : Our recommended conditions (PCB dimensions L 250 x W 165 ) * Except 1 to 2 Spec
Repeatability2 Cpk ± 5.0 μm 6 σ The repeatability of same PCB Equal to ± 5.0 μm ± 3 σ (or ±2.5 μm ±1.5 σ)
Screen frame dimensionsL 736 x W 736, L 650 x W 550, L 550 x W 650, L 750 x W 750, L 584 x W 584
PCB discrimination functionSPV (Single Spec): Pre-process Not Post-process Not SPV (1 to 2 Spec): Pre-process Not Post-process Installed SPV (2 in 1 Spec): Pre-process Installed Post-process Installed SPV (Dual Spec) Pre-process Not Post-process Installed
Electric SourceSPV (Single Spec): SPV (1 to 2 Spec): SPV (2 in 1 Spec): 1-phase AC 200, 220, 230, 240 V ±10V Max. 2.0 kVA SPV (Dual Spec): 1-phase AC 200, 220, 230, 240 V ±10V Max. 4.0 kVA
Pneumatic SourceSPV (Single Spec): SPV (1 to 2 Spec): SPV (2 in 1 Spec): 0.5 MPa SPV (Dual Spec): 0.5 MPa