Held in conjunction with the annual Singapore Night Festival in late August 2013, a projection mapping program called "The Magic Melody" by Tigrelab excited audiences as it transformed the facade of the Singapore Art Museum into an interactive futuristic musical instrument. This year, Panasonic supported the festival as the official projection partner.

Client: Singapore Art Museum (SAM)

Location: Singapore

Product(s) supplied: PT-DZ21K ET-D75LE6


Projection mapping requiring multiple technologies


Powerful projection with 20,000 lm of brightness and rich features


Broadcast Professional, a forerunner in the broadcasting and recording industry of Southeast Asia, faced a unique challenge. In order to install projectors on the front lawn between the building and the street in a manner that wouldn’t block the audience’s view, they had to severely limit the distance from the building to the projectors. They also needed compact, lightweight projectors to simplify the installation.

Also, in addition to the need for high brightness, high contrast, and high resolution for the advanced visual programs that were used to project onto large screens with partially curved surfaces, the capability to maintain high picture quality was essential for projecting onto the non-flat screens.


The use of Panasonic PT-DZ21K 3-Chip DLP™ projectors ensured the high brightness and high picture quality for this outdoor projection mapping program.

High brightness, a high contrast ratio and high resolution allowed bright and vibrant large-screen projection. Since the projector body as compact and lightweight, the projectors could easily be installed onto high platforms. The 12-amp power supply also did not require a special power source, and the four-lamp system prevented image interruptions.

The PT-DZ21K offers a wide line up of optional lenses. Among them, the
ET-D75LE6 short-throw zoom lens was an ideal match for this application. The portrait capability allowed a single PT-DZ21K to provide the necessary brightness and picture quality for the long, vertical projection of the center tower.

Panasonic’s Multi-Screen Support System and Geometric Adjustment function maintained high image quality while allowing 3D projection mapping. Strong support from Panasonic’s sales and engineering team also maximized the PT-DZ21K performance to ensure success.


The classical facade was ablaze with the latest visual technology

The Singapore Art Museum’s facade was covered with a fantastic video mapping projection, transforming it into a canvas of colorful video displays. Several tablets were installed in front of the museum, allowing viewers to manipulate and change the video display “just like magic.” Local residents viewed the different faces of this historic building and enjoyed a vibrant summer night.

A fantastic video mapping projection changes the face of the venerable building facade.

Visitors had fun manipulating the projection image on a tablet device installed in front of the museum.

Why Choose Panasonic?

  • A short zoom lens ET-D75LE6 (0.9-1.1:1) allows large-screen projection from a short distance.
  • The compact and lightweight body enables the projectors to be installed on high platforms.
  • The 12-amp power supply does not require a special power source or adaptor.
  • High brightness and high picture quality ensure bright and vibrant large-screen projection.
  • The four-lamp system provides a high level of reliability.
  • Strong support from Panasonic’s sales and engineering personnel.
  • Portrait projection capability

The venerable building facade meets cutting-edge art works

The Singapore Night Festival is a yearly event held since 2008, with many main and special events with late night schedules taking place at cultural venues such as the Singapore Art Museum.

This year 3D projection mapping was set up in the Singapore Art Museum, a place where the public can directly experience the diversity of contemporary art forms, ranging from painting and sculpture to installation, film & video, photography, new media, performance art and sound art.

Cutting-edge 3D projection mappings colored the venerable building facade and lit up the night sky.

System created by Broadcast Professional Pte Ltd. (Singapore)

Broadcast Professional has been a forerunner in the broadcasting and recording Industry for the last 30 years and is responsible for many turnkey projects and system integration for many big and small broadcasters. They are also a major turnkey equipment system supplier, representing many major equipment manufacturers and premium product lines, and providing consultant services.

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