BRISA equips its control room with Panasonic TH-55LFV5W videowall displays

Portugal's motorways are now safer than ever thanks to Panasonic's videowall.

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BRISA Inovação e Tecnología (BRISA Innovation and Technology) Group Company assessed the requirements for the installation and provision of a new videowall system, and developed a smart solution based on Panasonic's video display technology.

The company was supported by Prosonic, a Portuguese distributor of Panasonic products, that helped  supply and install the equipment.

"The quality of the service and support provided by Prosonic and Panasonic in this project were one of the main reasons
why we decided to use them," says Pedro Sobral, from BRISA Inovação e Tecnologia.

"This new monitoring system allows BRISA to benefit from exceptional image quality and reduced maintenance
costs for its videowall," says João Farinha, part of Prosonic's Integrated Solutions Division.

"The customer feeback has been excellent and Brisa is extremely happy. The Panasonic monitors are even exceeding BRISA'S requirements in terms of image quality for the videowall," he added.

Pedro Sobral supports this view, "This project could not have gone better. Project coordination was excellent thanks to the high level of technical knowledge of all of the professionals involved."

As the main monitoring hub operated by BRISA, the company was keen to implement  technology to ensure it could carry out operations effectively. So when BRISA decided to update its video-monitoring system it opted for Panasonic's new
TH-55LFV5W videowall displays. Positioned like a giant rectangular mosaic measuring 40m2, the 44 new 55-inch screens display images of everything that happens across the network of roads which the BRISA Group monitors.

"We had a lot of problems with our previous videowall", explains Pedro Sobral, Project Manager, BRISA Inovação e
Tecnologia, "however the new Panasonic displays look more modern and are more efficient, which maximiszes the availability of the operational tools within BRISA’S Operational Control Centere".

Outstanding performance 

BRISA opted for Panasonic displays on account of the brand's outstanding performance which has made it the best choice for videowall displays in the European and national audiovisual markets.

Panasonics products are renowned for being robust and able to withstand knocks and drops thanks to a resistant metal structure which prevents them from breaking, making them ideal for coping not only with everyday work but also transit to the client and subsequent moves.

Panasonic videowalls also have such a slim frame (5.3mm width of screen-joining borders) that if you decide to display one single image across various screens there is virtually no discontinuity in the image.

These products are also extremely reliable and are manufactured to be able to work seamlessly 24 hours a day, all year round, without interruption.

"The  TH-55LFV5W has been especially designed for the control room market, thanks to its antiglare
surface which prevents any reflection, thereby making information clearer and more visible",” explains Oriol
Massagué, Product Manager, Panasonic Visual System Solutions, Panasonic. "Direct LED backlighting reproduces black tones in dark areas and displays bright areas more vibrantly, whilst the IPS panel provides a wide viewing angle
from anywhere,", Massague adds.

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