EasyIP+ Setup Software for PTZ Cameras

EasyIP Setup Tool Plus

Freeware to support efficient setup and operation of PTZ Cameras

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Key features

Panasonic PTZ Cameras connected to a PC are detected and centralized display and management of camera information such as IP addresses and version numbers can be performed.
The network setting information of specific PTZ Cameras can be modified from the GUI screen.
PTZ Cameras can be selected and controlled from a browser GUI.
Auto IP: Multiple PTZ Cameras can be selected and assigned consecutive IP addresses.
Firmware Update: PTZ Camera firmware updates can be performed automatically through the tool. *1
Identify: The power indictor light of specific PTZ Cameras can be turned on rapidly. *2
Administrator Registration: PTZ Cameras can be selected and batch registration of administrator accounts can be performed. *3

EasyIP+ for Panasonic PRO PTZ Cameras

EasyIP+ comes with a completely redesigned graphic user interface (GUI) that includes all key features in one centralized place, meaning that operators can both maintain and troubleshoot our PTZ cameras on their network with ease. 

The camera list is customizable to include key information on any PTZ camera or controllers on the network, including IP address, model number, firmware version and serial number. You can even title each camera - be it a room, studio number or simply Camera 1!

It can be time-consuming to set up multiple cameras on a network with their own individual IP address. AutoIP+ allows an operator to assign each camera with consecutive IP addresses following an order from the one shown at the top of the list. A list of successful cameras will be displayed, whilst those that fail will show a notification - simple!

We are constantly updating our PTZ camera and controller line-up with  free-to-download firmware updates. With EasyIP+, firmware can be both checked and updated on multiple cameras with ease, meaning that you will benefit from all those additional features and improvements added to a camera or controller even after you've bought it! EasyIP+ includes an automatic firmware update feature that checks for updates and makes them happen automatically as soon as they are released onto PASS. We have also included a batch update feature for those that have multiple cameras and controllers on a network, making maintenance a whole lot easier.

Panasonic Easy IP Setup tool Plus and highlight some of the new features available with the updated Plus version of the software.