Insertion, Mounting & FATP


Panasonic's all-rounder pick-and-place machine that handles both SMT and THT components as standard or odd-form components in one placement order.

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The NPM-VF is equipped with a double portal. The SMD and THT components are placed by one placement head per portal. A wide variety of vacuum pipettes and grippers are available. The pick and place machine can be used in single or dual lane mode.

The NPM-VF reaches a speed of up to 4,500cph and can process component sizes from 5x5mm up to 130x35mm and 60mm height.

Active cutting and clinching tools are integrated which detach THT components from the radial and axial feeders. Clinching directions as well as pin lengths per THT component can be defined via the assembly program.

Beside the radial and axial feeders, the NPM-VF can be equipped with all common standard feeder systems for SMD components.

The flexible NPM-VF is an ideal machine for cycle-optimized production, especially for companies that must process both types of components due to the increased demand from power electronics for THT assemblies.

This efficient pick and place machine contributes to reduce manpower requirements and to consistent production with high productivity, flexibility and high-quality pick and place results.

Key features

Double portal
Active cutting and clinching tools
High-quality pick and place results.
Compatible with common standard feeder systems for SMD components

Specifications table

Model NumberNPM-VF
PCB dimensions (mm)Standard conveyor:L 50 x W 50 ~ L 510 x W 460 Anvil conveyor (Option): L 50 x W 50 ~ L 460 x W 400
Max. PCB MassUp to 3kg
PCB Thickness0.3 ~ 8 mm
PCB FlowLeft ← Right / Left → Right (Flow direction is selectable)
Insertion direction360º (± 180º )*1 degree unit
Insertion Push ForceUp to 100 N
PCB exchangeStandard conveyor:4.5 s Anvil conveyor (Option):5.5 s

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