MD-P300 Flip-chip Bonder


High yield, high throughput ultrasonic flip-chip bonding.

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The MD-P300 Flip-chip Bonder is process-flexible, combining flip-chip and thermosonic bonding in a single, small-footprint solution.

The MD-P300 contributes to the cost-effective production (high yield, high throughput) of value-added devices. The MD-P300 can achieve high speed and high accuracy bonding through its low gravity point and lightweight bonding head. 

The MD-P300 supports 300 mm (12") wafers, and is an ideal solution for COB hybrid assembly in combination with an in-line Panasonic SMT placement machine.

The MD-P300 is capable of fast cycle times and a placement accuracy of +/-5 μm at 0.5 seconds per IC (dry run) - with thermosonic processes at 0.65 seconds, including process times.

Features and benefits of the Panasonic's MD-P300 Flip-chip Bonder

Easy process exchange

Bonding processes are available by switching the bonding tools, which can be performed by the customer by configuring the C4 dipping unit.

Real-time inspection

The bonding stage camera enables post-bonding inspection immediately after die bonding. This system enables manufacturing with real-time quality inspection.

User-friendly operation

A large touch panel and interactive software realize an easy and reliable operating environment for all users from beginners to experts.

  • Process versatility
  • Ideal for processors, CMOS, MEMS and power devices
  • Fast and accurate

Key features

Easy process exchange
Real-time inspection
User-friendly operation

Specifications table

Model NumberNM-EFF1C
ProductivityC4: 0.65s/IC (including dipping motion) Thermosonic: 0.65s/IC (including US process time of 0.2s)
Placement AccuracyXY (3σ at PFSC conditions): ±5µm
Substrate dimensionsL 50 × W 50 to L 330 × W 330 (Heating specifications: L 330 × W 220mm)
Die dimensions (mm)L 1 × W 1 to L 25 × W 25 (Thermosonic: L7 × W7)
Number of die typesUp to 12 product types (AWC specifications) nozzle type
Die SupplyWafer frame 12 inches (Option: 8 inches)
Bonding LoadVCM head: 1N to 50N (Option: 2N to 100N)