World's Smallest and Lightest 30,000 lm 3-Chip DLP™ Projectors


Vivid reds and truer blues heighten realism for ultra-detailed 4K or WUXGA image reproduction.

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Key features

Laser 3-chip DLP, 32.000 lumens (centre), WUXGA
Lamp-free laser projection with dust resistant liquid cooling system for 20000 hours maintenance free operation
Smart Projector Control with NFC for mobile access to network con­figuration such as IP address setup
Preactivated Upgrade Kits for Geo Pro Software
Two blue and one red laser module expands colour-gamut reproduction
Brightness30,500 lm / 32,000 lm (center)30,500 lm / 32,000 lm (center)
Resolution4K (3840x2400 px)WUXGA (1920x1200 px)

Revolutionizing Projection with Streamlined Workflow

Revolutionizing Projection with Streamlined Workflow

World's Smallest and Lightest 30,000-lumen-class 3-Chip DLP™ Projector*1 

Despite its high brightness and image quality, PT-RQ35K Series is the smallest and lightest 3-Chip DLP™ product in its class and can be transported and installed with two people. Save on labor and enjoy greater convenience when storage space is limited. PT-RQ35K Series is 40 %*2 smaller than the current PT-RQ32K, and its footprint is almost equivalent to the PT-RQ22K. With its manageable size and weight, PT-RQ35K Series creates exciting new opportunities for high-brightness projection in venues where installation space is limited.

*1 As of August 2020, *2 By cabinet volume according to internal research

Smart Projector Control with NFC Function*1 

Smart Projector Control is an application for iOS and Android™ devices. The app lets you prepare the PT-RQ35K Series for setup before power is available on site. Adjust settings such as Projector ID and IP address with the projector unplugged using NFC function (which can be set to read/write, read-only, or turned off). Navigate and configure OSD settings without projecting the menu. As well as enabling various lens adjustments, the app lets you focus the projection using your smartphone camera*2 from distances of up to 30 m*3 (98 ft) away. To quickly and easily connect the projector to the wireless network*2, scan a QR Code displayed on the projector’s Information Monitor. There’s no need for manual SSID selection and password entry. Smart Projector Control makes it easier to set up and control multiple projectors right from your device’s touchscreen. For more information, visit the Smart Projector Control website.

*1 Projectors sold in some countries or regions require an ET-NUK10 Upgrade Kit available from PASS to activate NFC function. See NFC Regional Compatibility List for details, *2 Some devices do not support projector autofocus function, *3 When projecting a 300-inch image. Maximum distance is 3 m (10 ft) for a 100-inch image, *4 Requires optional AJ-WM50 Wireless Module.

Spellbinding Picture Quality

Spellbinding Picture Quality

Red and Blue Lasers for Deep, Accurate Colour

A combination of two blue and one red laser module expands colour-gamut reproduction to 114 %* of the PT-RQ32K with 91 % DCI coverage, saturating the screen in lavish colour and drawing the audience deeper into the artist’s world. Optimized blue-laser wavelengths achieve truer blue while the red laser intensifies red expression for a greater sense of realism.

* In comparison to the PT-RQ32K according to internal research.

Stable Design for Reliable Operation

Stable Design for Reliable Operation

Dynamic Digital Control for Stable Colour Performance

While red lasers heighten colour expression, their successful implementation has been challenged by inherent sensitivity to temperature fluctuations. Dynamic Digital Control solves the problem by modulating red-laser output frame-by-frame to achieve optimal RGB balance according to colour requirements and operating temperature, which is managed by a discrete cooling system. With stability guaranteed, multiple lasers are free to unleash awesome colour with luxuriant reds and pure blues taking the viewer closer to the artist’s intention.

Specifications table

Projector type3-Chip DLP™ projector
DLP™ Chip | Panel Size24.4 mm (0.96 in) diagonal (16:10 aspect ratio)
DLP™ Chip | Display MethodDLP™ chip x 3, DLP™ projection system
DLP™ chip | Number of Pixels2,304,000 (1920 x 1200 pixels) x 3
Light SourceLaser diodes (Blue LD, Red LD)
Light output30,500 lm*1 /32,000 lm (Center)*2
Time until light output declines to 50 %*320,000 hours (NORMAL)
ResolutionWUXGA (1920 x 1200 pixels)

Accessories & Software

Lenses for 3-Chip DLP < 35.000 lumens


Zero Offset Ultra Short Throw Fixed-Focus Lens

Lenses for 3-Chip DLP < 35.000 lumens


0.9-1.1:1 throw ratio (WUXGA) Zoom Lens for 3-Chip DLP Projectors

Lenses for 3-Chip DLP < 35.000 lumens


1.7-2.4:1 throw ratio (WUXGA) Zoom Lens for 3-Chip DLP Projectors

Lenses for 3-Chip DLP < 35.000 lumens


7.3-13.8:1 throw ratio (WUXGA) Zoom Lens for 3-Chip DLP Projectors

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Interface board/conversion cable


Interface Board for DisplayPort 2 input

Interface board/conversion cable


Optical fiber input board for Slot-NX projectors

Interface board/conversion cable


DVI-D input signal board

Interface board/conversion cable


The HDMI input signal board is designed for compatibility with PT-RQ50K, PT-RQ35K/RZ34K, PT-RQ32K, PT-RQ13K, PT-RQ22K, PT-RCQ10, PT-RCQ80

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Geometry Manager Pro


Geometric adjustment option for 3D mapping and complex projection adjustments.

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