Fully connected – from first mile to last.

From supply chain optimisation, to new communication approaches, we have the solutions to help you maintain speed, accuracy, and above all, a competitive advantage. 

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A smarter partnership.

Demand for products may be increasing, but so too are customer expectations. That means more pressure than ever on you for right-first-time performance. We have over 30 years’ experience in the logistics industry, giving us a wealth of know-how and insights you can use when you consult with us. Together with partners like Zetes and Blue Yonder, we’ll help you utilise our proven technology and quality analytics at every point in the supply chain, to optimise efficiency, reduce error and cut waste.

Why work with us.

Most business leaders in the Logistics industry are aware of the benefits of digital transformation. The problem is having the know-how and the resources to make it happen. That’s where Panasonic Connect comes in. Through our expertise in IoT, big data, robotics and AI, we can provide both the knowledge and the solutions needed to deliver new levels of customer-centricity and agility. More importantly, our consultative approach means we look at the issues from your perspective. Then tailor our solutions to suit you.

Optimisation for Logistics.

Monitoring warehouse operations. Analysing haulage data. Improving processes. Just a few of the things we’ve been doing every day for over three decades. The result is solutions like our Visual Sort Assist (VSA) that increases your parcel sorting capacity without costly automation or complex staff training. Or our Intelligent Warehouse Solution (iWS) which gives full package movement visibility, so you can track loss or damage back to the source. Both are proof that optimising your operations needn’t mean a complete overhaul of your business model. Just the right technology on your side 

Helping you hit your sustainability targets.

Consumers want everything delivered to their door, yet they still voice concerns about vehicle emissions, traffic noise and company carbon footprints. That’s why our solutions are designed to help you manage the balance between profitable operation and sustainable business. For example, fewer truck journeys via AI powered route planning to cut down on emissions (and save on fuel costs). Plus, in the data-driven world of Logistics, our rugged mobile IT is in it for the long haul – durability means less waste, while accurate data means fewer second delivery attempts. It’s all part of Panasonic’s GREEN IMPACT initiative, to reduce not only our own CO2 emissions, but those of our customers and society as a whole. When you partner with Panasonic Connect, you partner for tomorrow.