With two lanes, the SPV-DC features high precise SMD-printing, PCB-transfer, recognition and stencil-cleaning for high volumes without changeover time.

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The Stencil Printer SPV-DC enables high efficiency dual lane production in a compact design. The printer is designed for high speed production without changeovers. To reduce running costs the SPV-DC is equipped with the award-winning paperless cleaning function.

Solder paste can refill automatically.

Solder mask and the final printing result can be verified with an internal inspection.

With the machine-to-machine-communication option the SPV-DC is using correction data to correct positional printing errors.

The high-speed printer SPV-DC can print on board sizes from 50 x 50mm to 350 x 300mm. With the dual lanes the printer provides a cycle time of 13s, including transfer, positioning, recognition, high-precision printing and respective cleaning. Due to the non-stop changeover, the SPV-DC allows you to prepare the next production while running the printing process.

Key features

High efficiency dual lane production without changeovers
Paperless cleaning function
Automatic refill of solder paste
Internal inspection for solder mask and final printing

Specifications table

Model NumberNM-EJP9A
PCB dimensions (mm)L 50 x W 50 to L 350 x W 300
PCB exchange13.0 s(6.5 s/PCB) Including transfer, positioning, recognition, each-time cleaning. Printing & cleaning conditions:Our recommended conditions (PCB dimensions L 250 x W 165)
Repeatability2 Cpk ± 5.0 μm 6 σ The repeatability of same PCB Equal to ± 5.0 μm ± 3 σ (or ±2.5 μm ±1.5 σ)
Screen frame dimensionsL 736 x W 736, L 650 x W 550, L 550 x W 650, L 750 x W 750, L 584 x W 584
Electric Source1-phase AC 200, 220, 230, 240 V ±10V Max. 4.0 kVA
Pneumatic Source0.5 MPa, 560 L / min (A.N.R.)
DimensionsW 1 650 x D 2 446 x H 1 500 (maximum protusion D 2 528)