Blending physical and remote learning has become the new normal following the pandemic. It is crucial to education to ensure that students at home experience the same level of efficiency as if they were physically present in the classroom.

Looking for high image quality, easy setup PTZ cameras and other devices for classrooms or meeting rooms as a new solution.

To want to keep useful lectures so that they can be reused every time and everywhere.

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With the development of digital technology, the way of communication has made a great leap forward in the past few years. Conferences and lectures that used to be conducted in person are now the new normal, with online delivery possible from remote locations. By successfully incorporating new technologies, new challenges can be realized while streamlining existing operations.

Panasonic Connect's educational and corporate solutions infographic

Panasonic Connect's educational and corporate solutions allow you to send out conferences and meetings without being restricted by location. Just contact us first!

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