13 000 lumens LCD Solid Shine laser projector


Laser light source, 3LCD, 13 000 lumens, WUXGA projector

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Key features

Laser 3LCD, 13 000 lumens, WUXGA
Silent (35dB in normal mode) and light construction (22kg) is ideal for lecture theatres and seminar rooms
20 000 hours maintenance-free operation due to the dustproof construction and long-lasting eco filter
Triple drive engine ensures non-stop operation with a failover function. A secondary backup signal input and the  monitoring function reduce the impact of potential technical faults.
Flexible installation with a choice of seven optional zoom lenses . Easy setup with Geo Pro software and DIGITAL LINK function

The MZ16 series is Panasonic’s quietest and most powerful LCD projector range for learning and business

Designed for simplified set-up and maintenance-free operation, reducing the AV manager’s workload

This flexible and cost-efficient SOLID SHINETM laser projector offers up to 16,000 lumens brightness (PT-MZ16K) and WUXGA resolution for high quality projection with silent operation (38dB in normal mode) and light construction (22kg). It accepts a 4K/60p input signal, which is converted to the projector’s resolution (1920 x 1200).

Brightness16 000 lm13 000 lm10 000 lm

Brightest 3LCD SOLID SHINETM Laser Projector able to accept 4K/60p input signal

Using Panasonic’s 3LCD SOLID SHINETM technology, the MZ16 range delivers long-lasting brightness. The conventional mercury-based lamp and colour wheel are replaced by LCD and laser diodes to create the images. Separate colours are combined in the viewer’s mind to create a full image. These projectors can accept 4K/60p input from DIGITAL LINK and HDMI which is converted to 1920 x 1200 resolution for a long-lasting, clear viewing experience.

Compatible with Panasonic Geo Manager Pro software

The MZ16 projector range is compatible with Panasonic’s free Geometry Manager Pro software, which massively cuts set up time for projectors and significantly reduces installation work. You can also export and import the settings of adjustment data between units, significantly reducing set up time in situations where multiple projectors are being used. Optional upgrade kits can be purchased to enable geometric adjustment for 3D mapping (ET-CUK20) and for auto-screen adjustment (ET-UK10), enabling you to set up multiple projectors simultaneously, to save time and expense.

Redundant laser engine and signal input for improved reliability

The projector’s triple drive engine enables continuous operation. If a laser bank fails unexpectedly, the MZ16 will continue projecting with two-thirds brightness. You can also switch from main input to secondary signal input in the case of a cable emergency. If a signal input fails, the projector will automatically switch to any selected input sources (HDMI, DVI-D, SDI, RGB or DIGITAL LINK) to enable projection to continue uninterrupted.

Specifications table

Projector typeLCD projectors
Light SourceLaser diodes
Light output*113,000 lm
Time until light output declines to 50 %*220,000 hours (NORMAL)
Resolution1920 x 1200 pixels
Contrast Ratio*13,000,000:1 (Full On/Full Off) * With [Dynamic Contrast] set to [3]
Screen size [diagonal]2.03–12.7 m (80–500 in), 16:10 aspect ratio

Accessories & Software




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Autoscreen Adjustment


Expends Geometry Manager Pro software allowing automatic adjustment of multi-screen or curved-screen projections.

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Geometry Manager Pro


Geometric adjustment option for 3D mapping and complex projection adjustments.

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Mount bracket for the PT-MZ16K, PT-MZ770, PT-MZ670, PT-MZ570 Series projectors



High ceiling mount bracket with 6-axis adjustment mechanism



High ceiling mount bracket



Low ceiling mount bracket

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Lenses for LCD Projectors > 10.000 lumen


0.950-1.36:1 Throw Ratio Zoom lens for PT-MZ16KL/MZ13KL/MZ10KL

Lenses for LCD Projectors > 10.000 lumen


0.690-0.950:1 Throw Ratio Zoom lens for PT-MZ16KL/MZ13KL/MZ10KL

Lenses for LCD Projectors > 10.000 lumen


0.550-0.690:1 Throw Ratio Zoom lens for PT-MZ16KL/MZ13KL/MZ10KL

Lenses for LCD Projectors > 10.000 lumen


4.14-7.40:1 Throw Ratio Zoom lens for PT-MZ16KL/MZ13KL/MZ10KL

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