Night Lights, one of the highlights of the Singapore Night Festival, has returned to the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) again this year.

The museum facade is transformed into a vast canvas and Panasonic PT-DZ21K projectors create a vivid image of Mother Nature.

Client: Singapore Art Museum (SAM)

Location: Singapore

Product(s) supplied: PT-DZ21K2 ET-D75LE50 ET-D75LE6


A 180-degree semi-circular facade transformed into a vast canvas


Panasonic flagship models have no trouble overcoming the challenge 


This year’s project planned to transform the facade of the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) into a vast canvas showcasing the beauty of Mother Nature accompanied by a showcase of light and sound.

The project was to display a large image onto a 180-degree semi-circular screen, greatly surpassing last year's 120-degree screen. Similar to last year, in order to install projectors on the front lawn between the building and the street in a manner that wouldn’t block the audience’s view, they had to severely limit the distance from the building to the projectors.


The wide range of optional lenses for the PT-DZ21K did a very good job on this installation. In addition to the ET-D75LE6 short zoom lens (0.9-1.1:1) that was used last year, an ET-D75LE50 fixed-focus lens (0.7:1) was used this year, enabling large-screen projection at even a shorter distance.

The use of Panasonic PT-DZ21K 3-Chip DLP™ projectors ensured high brightness and high picture quality for this outdoor projection mapping program.

Since the projector body is compact and lightweight, the projectors could easily be installed onto high platforms.
The 12-amp power supply also did not require a special power source, and the four-lamp system prevented image interruptions.

The PT-DZ21K projectors' easy setup features, minimal servicing requirements, and strong support from Panasonic’s sales and engineering personnel made sure that there were no major problems, which was especially important since the event was only held over two weekends.


A truly immersive experience

Under the veil of darkness, the small team of five projectors created a huge canvas of light.

Surreal images were projected onto the semi-circular screen like a kaleidoscope, immersing viewers in another world.

Visitors were entranced by the brilliant light created by cutting-edge technology as they enjoyed a wonderful midnight walk.

Why Choose Panasonic?

  • Strong support from Panasonic’s sales and engineering personnel.
  • The ET-D75LE6 short zoom lens (0.9-1.1:1) and ET-D75LE50 fixed-focus lens (0.7:1) allow large-screen projection from a short distance.
  • The compact and lightweight body enables the projectors to be installed on high platforms.
  • The 12-amp power supply does not require a special power source or adaptor.
  • High brightness and high picture quality ensure bright and vibrant large-screen projection.
  • The four-lamp system provides a high level of reliability.
  • Portrait projection capability.
  • Panasonic’s achievements in the past for projection mapping, such as “i Light Marina Bay 2014,” etc.

A yearly Night Festival tradition that draws big crow

The annual Singapore Night Festival, which marked the 7th edition this year, returned with the theme “Bold and Beautiful.”

“Night Lights,” a yearly tradition in this Night Festival is now a light projection at the Art & Museum district that draws big crowds on two exclusive weekends. This year was no different. This year’s Night Lights projects have doubled in scale with artwork by both local and foreign artists.

One of the highlights for this project was a light projection called “Spirits of Nature” at the Singapore Art Museum performed by WELCOMINPEACE.

System created by AVC Pte. Ltd.

AVC has offered improved, integrated, and comprehensive technical support services for events and the Pro AV industry over the years. They always focus on the most advanced technology and provide the latest and best-maintained AV equipment to cover a wide variety of services, including consultation in video projection and installation, rentals, and technical support.

Panasonic also provided the Singapore Night Festival 2013 with successful 3D projection mapping.

"The Magic Melody" – A projection mapping program at Singapore Night Festival 2013

In 2013, Panasonic supported a yearly event called "Singapore Night Festival" as the official projection partner, and the Singapore Art Museum’s facade was covered with interactive 3D projection mapping.

For more information, please see "Singapore Night Festival 2013" page.

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