Color HD View Finder


Color HD View Finder - Open two ways for LCD monitor viewing

Key features

Auto flip picture on LCD (L & R / Top & Bottom)
VR guide and SW guard pipe for blind-touch
Toggle SW
Spring type slide stopper
Back tally lamp (ON/OFF by lever)

The  AG-CVF15 color viewfinder is 8.76 cm (3.45 inches) color LCD with approximately 920,000-dot resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio, which enables to adjust focus easily. In addition to a normal viewfinder type of usage, the AG-CVF15 serves as an LCD monitor to shoot when opening its eyepiece. The AG-CVF15 can also be opened sideway and used as side panel LCD monitor. The AG-CVF15 is almost the same weight and size of the conventional HD viewfinder and supports Panasonic broadcasting and professional camera recorders and studio handy cameras

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