Smart Essentials

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Common Problems

Batteries not lasting full shifts

Connectivity issues

Forced restarts

Misplaced machines

Underutilised devices and apps

Updates affecting certain devices

Such unseen problems result in lost productivity and downtime, impacted customer service, a bad user experience and a headache for IT teams. But just as importantly…

On average such failures account for up to 80% of the costs associated with mobility.

So, how do we identify, monitor and manage these aspects more closely? We get smarter!

The solution…

Powered by B2M, TOUGHBOOK Smart Essentials – a suite of three, OEM agnostic, scalable cloud-based SaaS solutions – provides you with real-time and actionable insights into the health, utilisation and performance of your entire mobile estate

The result…

Superior operational intelligence, so you can make more informed decisions. Faster.

You can measure, anticipate and react immediately and appropriately to events, making sure your devices, batteries, software – and workforce – are working at optimal levels to maximise efficiency and minimise costs.

Keep your mission-critical devices working better (and harder) than ever before

Improve utilisation. Boost productivity.

Pre-deployment, use the data to identify user personas, so you can put the right devices in the hands of the right people, prioritise focus on users who are more reliant on a device, and equip your team with the relevant apps and support services.

Post-deployment, you’ll have full-status visibility of every computer in your estate. Smart Service reports on both device usage and specific app usage to allow you to deploy under-utilised devices to other parts of your organisation, understand which users need more device training, allow finance departments to see how assets deployed are being used in order to calculate the ROI on mobile investments.

Protect your tech investment

Monitor activity to make sure you invest in the relevant warranties and accessories to suit how your team works, and to maximise the lifecycle of your devices.

Avoid unplanned downtime

Anticipate, measure and respond to disruptions more efficiently. Spot device health trends to fix issues before point of failure. And identify and swap out poorly performing devices early, to increase uptime – and upgrade the user experience.

No more unexpected bills

Identify high-usage data areas, demanding apps and heavy users in real-time, so you can foresee charges and get ahead of any nasty surprises.

Minimise costs. Maximise ROI.

From scheduling maintenance to ordering batteries, Smart Essentials lets you know what decisions to make – and when – to boost your bottom line.

Your information. Your way.

A full suite of APIs* is available to pull the information collected by Smart Essentials into your own Business Intelligence platforms, Microsoft ExcelTM or your own custom development.

*APIs only available with Smart Service

Available for all your devices

You have a mixed estate? Not a problem. Smart Essentials can be deployed on any Android and Windows mobile computers, and not just TOUGHBOOK devices.

Smart Battery Monitor

The smart way to keep your team ready for action

Keep track of your devices’ batteries around the clock, in real-time. It automatically alerts you when battery health is deteriorating, giving you plenty of time to take action and avoid downtime.



  • Battery asset details
  • Battery performance
  • Device power usage


So you can…

  • Determine root causes of end-user battery life complaints
  • Improve battery utilisation
  • Identify when batteries are less efficient

Smart Device Monitor

Our smartest 24/7 monitor yet. Providing critical information on location, user experience (including drop detection) and utilisation. Set alerts based on geofence perimeters and devices’ time out of contact for precise data on where, when and how your TOUGHBOOK equipment is being used.


Tracks core device-specific metrics…

  • Asset details
  • Restarts and drops
  • Usage
  • Location
  • Alerts


So you can identify…

  • Lost or stolen devices
  • Negative user experiences
  • Under-utilised devices

Smart Service

Captures, analyses, stores and reports on the wider and ongoing health and behaviour of your mobile device estate. So you can pinpoint the potential for problems, productivity improvements and cost savings



  • Device alerts
  • Application details, usage and updates
  • Charging events
  • Data usage
  • Drop events
  • Device restarts


So you can…

  • Conduct root cause analysis
  • Proactively monitor all assets


When purchasing Smart Service, Smart Device Monitor and Smart Battery Monitor will automatically be included as part of the package.