The Velázquez Tech Museum Offers A 360º Immersive Experience Thanks To Panasonic Projectors

A light and sound show that brings art closer to the public in a striking and interactive way. The company in charge of the event’s technical and audiovisual setup, Fluge AV, used Panasonic projectors and lenses.

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Client: Fluge AV

Location: Velázquez Tech Museum, Madrid

Product(s) supplied: PT-RZ120 PT-RZ660


Allow you to enjoy interactive 360º installations. which has "Las meninas" as a common thread, inviting visitors to make a tour of different interpretations of the most universal work of Velázquez through video mapping techniques, interactive systems and holograms.


The 11 projectors and their lenses proved especially suitable for this type of work – combining the 1 DLP chip™ laser technology created an immersive experience delivering impeccable images. Designed for intensive use and long-lasting brightness to be used in the field of museums and exhibitions.

"Together with the lenses, Panasonic’s 1-chip DLP™ projectors have proven to be a perfect ally to create this immersive 360º experience and to get to know the secrets of the work hand in hand with Velázquez."

“Las meninas”, a 360º immersiveart experience brought about using top-tier technology to allow for discovering the different interpretations of Velázquez's work

It was inaugurated on the 15th of April, and thanks to the Panasonic projector and optical equipment, the Velázquez Tech Museum has become an immersive artistic and technological experience, bringing art closer to the public in a striking and interactive way.

The project, which was created and promoted by Antonio Azzato and uses “Las Meninas” as the common thread, invites the most daring visitors to go on a tour of the different interpretations of Velázquez's most celebrated work through innovative techniques such as video mapping, interactive systems and hologram techniques. An entertaining and enlightening experience for all audiences that captivate interest.

Each of its eight halls brings different installations with surprising experiences, where visitors may experience art through all five senses. In the Alcázar room, visitors will be treated to discovering all the curiosities and details of this work of art at the hands of the Spanish painter himself. They may also enter the sensory cube to create their own menina, have their picture taken with the Infanta Margarita, or even see “Las Meninas” come to life before their very own eyes.

The tour's soundtrack consists of Baroque music composed especially by Guitarchello that has been updated to include contemporary rhythms.

An adventure through the latest, most innovative technology

In order to develop this innovative way of living art, the Velázquez Tech Museum has used high-quality equipment to achieve fully immersive sensory experiences with which the viewer feels that he is inside a sensory show. In that sense, the Panasonic PT-RZ660 and PT-RZ120 projectors with ET-DLE060 and ET-DLE035 ultra-short lenses respectively have been essential to be able to more than meet this challenge.

On the one hand, 8 PT-RZ660 projectors with ET-DLE060 lenses are responsible for mapping each of the 8 gigantic Meninas that have been reinterpreted by the artist in the second room of the museum, turning each of them into a show of light and colour.

On the other hand, a PT-RZ660 projector with ET-DLE060 lens and a PT-RZ120 projector with ultra-short throw lens ET-DLE035 have been used for the installation of the hologram of Velázquez himself, which comes to life in Azzato's interpretation.

Finally, two PT-RZ660 projectors with ET-DLE060 lenses re-map on the wall of the Mini-Meninas, where a documentary video is projected on the Meninas Steet Gallery project, which was the seed of the current Velázquez Tech Museum.

The combination of Panasonic projectors and visual systems deliver a journey along the Velázquez Tech Museum's halls that is a unique experience for the visitor in terms of image quality, resolution and colour.

As technological partner, Fluge Audiovisuales, has been in charge of the supply and installation of all the audio visual equipment, as well as of both the exhibition's design and its visual and interactive content.

For its realization have needed more than six months of work with an important team that has counted on Enrique Jiménez for the exhibition design and the coordination between the technical and creative teams, Miguel Padilla and Manu Arranz in the creation of the visual contents or Fernando Carabias in the configuration and technical development among others.

To enjoy this unique experience live, please visit the Velázquez Tech Museum.

Between Wednesday and Sunday from 11:00 to 21:00.
Closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

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